Practice Areas

Competition Law

Economy globalization has led to an ever-increasing opening of the market place, but also to an ongoing reform of competition law, both at national and EU level, rendering competition law of paramount importance, not only in M&As, but also in everyday business practice. GKP combines a deep understanding of competition law as its members' experience extends from acting at an advisory level, to representing clients of many different business sectors in complex cases before the Competition Commission and competent courts. We deal with issues relating to horizontal partnerships and competitors' relations in the context of joint ventures, expertise and technology transfer agreements, vertical agreements, in order to combine compliance with efficient and profitable operation of the distribution systems. We have also addressed a number of practices, which may constitute an abuse of dominant position, such as price fixing, margin squeeze and other issues, especially in network markets. A large part of our activity is to monitor compliance with competition law and to train personnel, often in the wider context of compliance at a group level, coordinated centrally from foreign law firms. In the same way, working as part of a wider planning initiative, we contribute to the process of checking the compatibility of concentrations with EU law, following the process at the level of the Greek Competition Commission.


We advise clients on a number of critical issues relating to unfair competition, in particular business secrets, unfair enticement of personnel, as well as comparative and misleading advertising or advertising in areas subject to strict regulation such as financial services, payment services and commercial communications through the media. We cover issues related to the protection of business reputation and business insignia and issues of parallel imports. We combine these issues with specific knowledge on consumer contracts for the sale of goods and services both in shops and distance selling, including those of financial services.