Practice Areas

Finance & Banking

An important part of our practice is to assist our clients in issuing corporate bond loans, in planning and obtaining efficient funding and developing their relations with banks in a way that affords them the best possible access to financing and obtaining security for their activities in the most flexible and least expensive manner. At the same time, we represent one of the world's largest payment and technology organizations in the field of electronic money transactions and credit/debit cards, especially in regulatory and competition matters, which we advised on, and supported through all the difficult issues that arose during the imposition of capital controls and corresponding restrictive measures on the operation of banks in Greece. Many of our firm’s members have participated in the design and implementation of investments by venture capitals in start-ups in various industry sectors such as semiconductors, medical tools and the food industry. In addition, members of our company have litigated successfully against banks and have won important cases regarding the proper performance of banks’ contractual obligations, in particular on the performance of letters of guarantee.