Cookies Policy

The present website uses cookies in order to ensure that you have the best possible experience while visiting our website.

1. What are cookies ?
Cookies are small text files, which are stored in the browser (such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) installed on your terminal equipment, namely your computer, smartphone or tablet, and serve the most effective operation of the website. «Session» cookies are cookies, which are automatically deleted when you shut down your browser, while «persistent» cookies remain stored at your terminal equipment until the expiration of their predefined duration.

2. Why we use cookies?
We use cookies to improve the operation of the website, as well as your experience while visiting our website, and your connection and unobstructed movement through the website pages.
Furthermore, cookies help us analyze the manner in which visitors use our website and visit its pages, as well as difficulties that they might face, so that we are able to improve the operation of our website and solve any problems that arise.
All information collected through cookies are used exclusively to improve your experience while visting our website, its structure and contents.

3. Which cookies we use?
The table below provides detailed information for all cookies that are stored on your terminal equipment while visiting our website, and their utility. By visiting and using our website you consent and accept the use/storage of the cookies on your terminal equipment for the purposes stated in the table below.


Cookie Type


Expiry Date



Stores the users consent for the use of cookies

1 year



Maintains a user ID while the user is browsing the page

Expires when the browser is shut down



Records a unique ID used to collect statistical data regarding the use of the website

2 years



Used by Google Analytics to rate request count

Expires when the browser is shut down



Collects information with a unique ID regarding the visitors’ interaction with our website

Expires when the browser is shut down


Used by Google Analytics to send device and behavior data. Captures visitor’s acts on all devices and marketing channels

Expires when the browser is shut down


Records the first and last time that the visitor was linked to the website and the total number of visits



Calculates the total duration of the visit to the site

Expires when the browser is shut down


Records the page from which the visitor visited the website, the search engine that he used, the Links that he clicked or the key-words that he used to find the website.

6 months

4. How to manage/disable cookies

You have the option to disable cookies by changing the relative settings of your browser. It must be noted, however, that our website may not operate properly, if cookies are disabled (see above description regarding the types of cookies).

You may consult the table below and follow the appropriate link, in order to obtain further information regarding the manner to disable and delete cookies:

• Chrome:

• Firefox:

• Internet Explorer:

• Safari:

As regards other browsers that are not referred to above, kindly contact the supplier of the specific program or alternatively search for the "help" feature in your browser.

5. Amendments

This Cookies Policy entered into force on 29.3.2019.
The Company reserves the right to partly or fully amend this Cookies Policy, or simply to update its content, such as in case of changes in applicable law. The Company will publish any update on this website.